Re: Joint AU/ER teleconferences

On stardate 30 May 2000, Charles McCathieNevile sent a subspace communication stating:

> At the face to face meeting we agreed to look at having joint teleconferences
> for the first call of each month, but didn't set a time.
> Since the first call of the month for each group is in about 2 weeks, we
> should choose a time...
> AU is on tuesdays at 2:30 pm BOston time (11:30am US west coast, 8:30pm
> Europe, 4:30 am Melbourne)
> ER is Mondays at 10 am Boston time (7am US west coast, 4 pm Europe, midnght
> melbourne)
     Well, leave it to me to be the fly in the ointment. :-) 10 am Boston time 
is 9 am my time, and I'm usually not awake by then. Due to my situation, it's 
not just a matter of me setting an alarm. Mondays mornings are also the usual 
time I update my astronomy club's web site, but that isn't a big issue as it 
can (and has on occasion) be done later in the day, or even the next. But 
regardless, I really couldn't commit to attending those meetings at that time. 
An hour later would be better; two or more would be best.
     But, that's just me.

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Received on Tuesday, 30 May 2000 19:20:03 UTC