Joint AU/ER teleconferences

At the face to face meeting we agreed to look at having joint teleconferences
for the first call of each month, but didn't set a time.

Since the first call of the month for each group is in about 2 weeks, we
should choose a time...

AU is on tuesdays at 2:30 pm BOston time (11:30am US west coast, 8:30pm
Europe, 4:30 am Melbourne)

ER is Mondays at 10 am Boston time (7am US west coast, 4 pm Europe, midnght

Can people please respond to this message saying whether one or the other
times are impossible, more difficult, or about the same, and we will gather
the responses.

One possibility is to switch times - even months on AU, odd months on
ER. In theory we could also select a different time, but that tends to be
more difficult rather than less difficult.


Charles McCN (on behalf of all concerned...)

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