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Either works for me.

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>Either is OK.
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>Subject:        Joint AU/ER teleconferences
>At the face to face meeting we agreed to look at having joint
>for the first call of each month, but didn't set a time.
>Since the first call of the month for each group is in about 2 weeks, we
>should choose a time...
>AU is on tuesdays at 2:30 pm BOston time (11:30am US west coast, 8:30pm
>Europe, 4:30 am Melbourne)
>ER is Mondays at 10 am Boston time (7am US west coast, 4 pm Europe, midnght
>Can people please respond to this message saying whether one or the other
>times are impossible, more difficult, or about the same, and we will gather
>the responses.
>One possibility is to switch times - even months on AU, odd months on
>ER. In theory we could also select a different time, but that tends to be
>more difficult rather than less difficult.
>Charles McCN (on behalf of all concerned...)
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