RE: Bobby output daunting on accessible page

>Yep.  The Bobby report is verbose to the point of being useless.  The CAST
>folks think that this is a feature.  What can be done?

I put more of the "blame" on us WAI folks for forcing or at least
requesting that CAST make Bobby check every little thing that the WCAG
guidelines ask for - even if it had to be a manual check.  Sometimes we err
on academic purity rather than practical usefulness.  But the good news is
that the next release of Bobby will allow one to select which checks to
conduct.  For example, you could ask Bobby to only check the machine
checkable priority one items.  You will even be able to select which
priority one items to check.  Of course CAST have been working to improve
the algorithms of the checking that it does.  So most of the problems that
Charles noted should be fixed as well as others he didn't note.

What else can be done you ask?  - review and comment on the Evaluation and
Repair Techniques document - upon which Bobby will be basing it's checking
algorithms.  See

Phill Jenkins, IBM

Received on Monday, 15 May 2000 19:41:09 UTC