RE: Bobby output daunting on accessible page

Phil and others,

Thanks for responding to Chuck O. and Bruce with such constructive comments.
I do appreciate it.  Michael is in Amsterdam at the WWW Conference and I do
want him to provide the official response to Chuck Oppermann who, as usual,
raises a number of very legitimate issues.  We have been concerned about the
number of manual checks displayed for a very long time and have wrestled
with an approach that keeps them in open yet causes developers not to be
overwhelmed by the list and all of the code.

This can be especially problematic when using Bobby to make a presentation
to others hoping to convince them that, with just a little effort, they too
can create accessible sites.  I have been in Bobby funding presentations
where I dared not run Bobby on that organization's Website lest the
Webmaster be fired for what might appear to be total incompetence.

Anyways, having lost Keith Kostorf as our Bobby Java programmer slowed down
the release of Bobby 3.2 just a bit and we hope to have some news shortly.
This is not an official announcement as Michael will be responsible for


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