Pre-Ann: Schematron 1.4

Just a quick pre-announcement, so that the most current info is
available for Amsterdam.

I have 99.9% finalized the specs for the new version of Schematron
schema language. A paper on the subject, which also briefly mentions
some WAI-relevent issues, is available in draft at

The implementation should be out in about a week. We have a new
architecture for implementations out now. The current design has
excellent i18n support. WAI people may be interested that I allow direct
specification of icons as part of the schema now: the separation of
presentation and information is a logical separation and does not need
to be reflected in a physical separation--quite the reverse, it is good
to make the base-level UI as cue-filled as possible. 

I have not specified any audio icons for it: could someone email with
any guidance on whether audio icons are useful or satisfactory for
helping low-vision navigation of pages (where the pages would be lists
of validation results).  I can imagine that a few generic custom beeps
might be useful (e.g. one for document- or current-item- valid, one for
invalid, one for start-validation, one for end-validation, one for
empty) rather than providing for one audio icon per schematron pattern
or rule (since the visual icons are read by the user while the audio
icons are said to the user).   

Guidance is welcome. 

Rick Jelliffe

Received on Monday, 15 May 2000 08:59:43 UTC