RE: Which elements trigger a user notification to translate an element or object into a markup language?

At 02:25 PM 2000-02-24 -0500, Michael Cooper wrote:
>> Actually, this brings up yet another point.  Does anyone know the
>> status of
>> acessibility of Applets?  IBM and Sun were doing some impressive things
>> with Java accessibilty.
>Somebody from IBM or Sun may speak up, but in case they're not monitoring
>the discussion - Applets have the same capability for accessibility as
>standalone Java applications do. However, it relies on the Java
>Accessibility API which is standard in Java 1.2 but is an extension to Java
>1.1.x. Java 1.1.x is what most browsers currently have and I don't know if
>you can configure the Virtual Machines that ship with browsers and aren't
>standalone to use the Accessibility API. The workaround is for the user to
>use the Java Plugin, but then the page author must include the applet on the
>page as a plugin (using EMBED or perhaps OBJECT) instead of as an APPLET
>which would automatically use the browser's internal Virtual Machine.
>Hopefully I got that right...

I think the situation may be better than that.  

I looked in the User Agent Working Group implementation notes but I did not
find there a survey of the implementation of the Swing Set.  This would be
good to know.  

Thanks to the lawsuit, with my Win98 laptop I got, on a separate CD ROM, a
[Sun-] Compliant Java VM.  But I cannot find in the OS any way to find an
"About" page for it that tells me what the Java VM I have installed is
compliant _with_.  

Anybody know more about this?


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