RE: Which elements trigger a user notification to translate an element or object into a markup language?

> Actually, this brings up yet another point.  Does anyone know the
> status of
> acessibility of Applets?  IBM and Sun were doing some impressive things
> with Java accessibilty.

Somebody from IBM or Sun may speak up, but in case they're not monitoring
the discussion - Applets have the same capability for accessibility as
standalone Java applications do. However, it relies on the Java
Accessibility API which is standard in Java 1.2 but is an extension to Java
1.1.x. Java 1.1.x is what most browsers currently have and I don't know if
you can configure the Virtual Machines that ship with browsers and aren't
standalone to use the Accessibility API. The workaround is for the user to
use the Java Plugin, but then the page author must include the applet on the
page as a plugin (using EMBED or perhaps OBJECT) instead of as an APPLET
which would automatically use the browser's internal Virtual Machine.

Hopefully I got that right...


Received on Thursday, 24 February 2000 14:27:33 UTC