Re: Check that a NOFRAMES element exists within each FRAMESET (Technique 6.5.1 ).

Thanks Wendy.  Looks good.


At 06:06 PM 2/18/00 -0500, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:
>Len commented that the content of NOFRAMES should be checked [1].  I also 
>realized that there was a minor technical error in the way the technique 
>was worded in the 21 december draft [2].
>here is my proposal:
>Technique 6.5.1 [priority 2] Check that a NOFRAMES element exists within 
>Discussion Status:
>awaiting discussion
>A valid NOFRAMES element should exist within each FRAMESET.
>The contents of the NOFRAMEs element must allow the user access to the site.
>Not allowed: Telling the user that they should upgrade to a browser that 
>supports frames is not allowed.  Suspicious words within the text a 
>NOFRAMES element: "upgrade," "full advantage," supports frames," "missing" etc.
>Example of a message to be displayed:
>Does your page work if frames are not loaded?
>Repair Technique:
>Allow user to construct a valid NOFRAMES.
>Test Files and Discussion Files:
>Link to test file for this technique.
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