Re: DraculaWin

>>>>> "Wendy" == Wendy A Chisholm <> writes:

    Wendy> Here is a tool [1] that I believe is created by the folks at 
    Wendy> BrailleNet.  It's in French, so I'm not too sure what it says.  However, 
    Wendy> they use it as part of their review process.

    Wendy> Daniel,  does this page have a brief description of the tool and what it does?

    Wendy> [1]

Hi, I'am hearing here since some weeks. I work with Braillenet too and
DraculaWin is not a Braillenet Tools.  It's a software of the commercial
compagny: EuroBraille. It is a tool for accessing Windows, as Jaws.

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