Survey to publish ATAG Report Tool - Thursday 25 June

Hi EOWG participants,

Summary: Please complete this 1 question survey by Thursday 25 June if feasible:

More info:

Hidde has the ATAG Report Tool ready to go! *We would like to publish this version in June.* Editor resources (Hidde) will be available in July and the coming months if EOWG wants to make changes to the tool soon.

While this is a short turn-around survey, the Chairs felt the group was ready to publish it, particularly given input in the last meeting.

If you need more time for review, survey options include:
[_] I support publishing the ATAG Report Tool as it is now, and I might have comments later in July when I review it more carefully.
[_] I do not support publishing this version in June; I need more time for review.

And also:
[_] I abstain (not vote) and accept the decisions of the Working Group.

Thanks much!

~Shawn for Sharron and Brent

On 22-Jun-20 11:18 AM, Shawn Henry wrote:
> * ATAG Report Tool survey for Approval to Publish coming soon, and due Thursday 25 June. Tool link:

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