Re: EOWG - Eval Video draft for review this week

Really quick feedback on it:

Overall I really like it. I think there could be more time between some 
aspects of the video, just lingering for half a second so it can sink 
in. This goes especially after WAI resource titles are announced. The 
animation is really, really good!

**00:27 – WAI Logo**

Should be added as a vector, it is very pixelated.

**00:36 – “Easy Checks – A First Review of Web Accessibility”**

Use an EN-Dash instead of a hyphen for the subtitle.

**01:13 – “Website Accessibility Conformance Methodology – 

Should also use an EN Dash instead of an hyphen between Evaluation 
Methodology and WCAG-EM Alternatively put WCAG-EM in a new bubble 
underneath the full name once it is said on screen.

“Doubble-U-See-Ai-Gee-Ee-Em” for short does not sound so short when 
it is spelled out this way :-)

**01:21 – Progress bar**

I love taking the progress bar from the tool. It might be worth 
investigating if the blue arrow (the where are you now marker) could go 
to the right during the speech (instead of just the bar appearing). But 
not a blocker.

**01:47 – Checks**

Instead of “Checks”, maybe the sheet should say “Issues”.

**End Card**

I don’t like the different colors and spacing and the whole end card 
looks a little bit messy. It also uses the brown color that we do not 
use in the new design anymore. The brand colors can be found here:

I would also prefer left-aligned text.

👋 Eric


Eric Eggert
Web Accessibility Specialist
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) at World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Received on Wednesday, 30 October 2019 09:16:30 UTC