EOWG - Eval Video draft for review this week

Hi All,

Just some comments on the video. Minor issue was I couldn’t get it to work on my office machine – joy!


·         Good style, holds together well and the people icons work fine.

·         The resource names could benefit from something that gives more of a hint that they are online resources – this might be some kind of icon (such as https://png.icons8.com/internet/ios7/1600)  in the presentation box. This would also take away from the flat nature of the presentation of the resource names.

·         One area that I think doesn’t work well is the segment that talks about iterative evaluation. The stuff moving around the page doesn’t really communicate that iteration that well… I think I can see what they are trying to do but just not sure it works. Perhaps something that indicates the work and change, like a moving gear icon and then a new page pops out – if that makes sense.

Voice-over and sound effects

·         The voice is good but seems a bit wooden at times – not sure it is any specific thing, just the overall fell of the voice over is not as ‘conversational’ in tone.

·         This might be me but I find the reading of WAI and WCAG as strange. The voice over reads these out as W – A – I and W – C – A – G. I tend to pronounce these as ‘way’ and ‘wi – cag’. Happy with whatever consensus exists around this!

Background music

·         I didn’t notice the music, which suggests it was not horrid ☺

·         Sorry, I can’t review the alternative tracks as the link doesn’t work for me.



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