RE: EOWG - Eval Video draft for review this week

Hey all,

I really like how it all sounds, overall content is easy to understand and comes through really well. A Couple of minor comments:

* Music: I think we should replace the current track. There are in my opinion other better sounding tracks in the suggestions that we have. I especially like the one named "Sign-Forever".
* For sequences 11-12 -- It is hard, in my opinion, to understand that "Involving Users in Web Projects for Better, Easier Accessibility" and "Involving Users in Evaluating Web Accessibility" are actual WAI resources. I know we are already beyond the script editing phase, and probably this should have been raised before but it is when listening to the whole piece that it has called my attention. Maybe changing "WAI provides" to something more active from the watcher's perspective such as "You can check" or something along those lines can help understand that these materials are actually something you might want to check by yourself in addition to the videos.
* From a complete blind person's perspective, I think we should make reference to the fact that there is animations in the videos. Not describing them In detail but just indicating they exist. You cannot imply that when you listen to it, so maybe references to such animations in the surrounding text of the video page or a single sentence at the beginning of the videos could be a solution.


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> Subject: EOWG - Eval Video draft for review this week
> Hi active EOWG participants,
> We have a draft of the first evaluation intro video! This link will download it:
>   <>
> Please review it and prepare for discussion this Friday &/or send comments to
> the main EOWG list:
> Pretty much everything is ready for comment. Specifically*:
> * Script -- approval to publish already done -- We're assuming the script is set.
> However, if there are important minor edits, we can still do those now.
> * Animation -- Monkey Review -- Comment on all aspects of the animation.
> * Voice-over and sound effects -- Eagle Review -- Voice is concept draft. Will get
> professional voice-over later. (Not sure what sound effects are planned?)
> * Background music -- Dragonfly Review -- comment on the track in this video
> and alternative tracks in a zip file that downloads from:
>  <>
> Looking forward to the discussion. :)
> Best,
> ~Shawn for Shadi & Sharron & Brent
> * "animal handles" for EOWG reviews are described under "Review Stages and
> Levels" at:
> Stages_and_Levels

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