Re: 21 Aug minutes [github on Tips for Designers]

Hi Sharron,

A bit of a newb question here...
I'm working on the "work for the week",
and I do have comments on the Tips For Designers,
but I'm not clear where in github I am to post, for example, a proposed wording change on a particular sentence on tip 1 on the Tips for Designers page.
I can see in github where, for example, one would discuss an open issue on the wai-quick-start for the WAI Quick Start Guides,
but not how I'd comment on the existing text.
Is it simply that I'm joining this particular initiative too late to get into the weeds, and that you're only looking for major fails at this point?


On 2015-08-24 10:59, Sharron Rush wrote:
> Hello dear colleagues,
> Attached are meeting minutes for those who missed Friday's meeting.  Please review and indicate your approval of (or concerns with) the resolutions that were passed.
> Work for this week <> [1] has been updated and the weekly survey is open until Sept 1 since we will **NOT have an EOWG teleconference this week** There is a lot to review however (including final review of Writing Tips) so 
> I plan to look at it sooner rather than later and hope you will too :)
> Thanks everyone!
> Sharron
> [1]

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