Re: Heads Up - Friday's meeting is back ON! (and more....)

Hi Sharron,

D'oh! I already gave away this Friday's timeslot to someone else, because I thought we were canceled this week.
*I'll try to show up mid-meeting.**
***And I'll have my homework done on time, either way.

All good,

On 2015-08-26 17:39, Sharron Rush wrote:
> Hello dear colleagues,
> Just in case you were missing your EO pals, we found that we need to convene on Friday after all, so please plan on calling in if at all possible - we need your input!
> Why? you might ask...    "and I'm gonna tell 'ya" as Tommy Edison would say.
> We are are shooting for September publication of the QuickStart Tips, and so must accelerate the review process. This will mean a few changes to our MOA (mode of operation). For the next several weeks, please plan to:
>   * do EO reviews early in the week
>   * complete surveys by Wednesday each week
>   * attend meetings when possible and do minute review and sign-off when attendance is not possible.
> Preview of Friday Aug 28 meeting:
>   * it will be short, just one hour.
>   * Shadi will introduce slightly different approach to Evaluating and Managing
>   * to prepare, skim pages linked from Aug 28 meeting agenda <> [1]
>   * stay current with Work for this Week <> [2] including the survey
> Here's hoping to see you on Friday's call and, as always, thanks a million for all you do!
> Best,
> Sharron and Shawn
> [1]
> [2]

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