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It looks like I don't have github write privileges to the "complex images" section of the tutorial. It lets me fork it but only into my own area. (I hope I know what I'm talking about here). Can you look into this?


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Subject: Call for Review: Tutorials pages for publication - work this week
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Dear EOWG folks,

We would like your approval to publish and announce the first set of tutorials:
* Tutorials Overview <>
* Images Tutorial <>
* Tables Tutorial <>

If you can get your review done *by Thursday 31 July*, that'd be great so we can discuss any open issues on the telecon. If you need more time, let us know by when you can complete the review.

We previously asked for approval to publish [1] -- thank you to those who completed the questionnaire ("WBS"). Because there have been some substantial changes since that version [2], we're giving another chance to review.

Please note that we would like to publish this version in August, and we will continue to work on these and other tutorials. Thus, we will have opportunity to make edits later. *For each of your comments*, please indicate if it is:
* [mild/medium/strong suggestion for editors' discretion for this version or later]
* [important to be addressed before this publication]

Options for comments:
* Fork & edit the pages in GitHub.
* Raise a Github issue: <>
* Put in wiki: <,_Images_and_Tables_%28July_2014%29>
* Send e-mail to <>

*When you are done with your review*, please list your name and answer on publication in the Action Items wiki page at <>

Thanks for your input on these valuable resources!


[2] Changes
Major changes include:
* restructuring of the Tables categories from "Simple Tables, Irregular Tables, Mutli-level Table" to "Basic Tables, Multi-directional Tables, Irregular Tables, Mutli-level Tables" <>
* adding detailed descriptions of how column and row groups work <>
* redesign of the Images alt decision tree <>
Changelogs are available at:
* <>
More detailed git commits are available at:
* <>

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