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Hi Eric,

Looks great!

I had one minor thing that then ballooned into a couple of bigger things. Feel free to add these into the mix or ignore as appropriate :)

Some minor things:

First para:
"… and improves the user experience for all audiences."


"… and improve the user experience for all audiences."

Second para, I wonder if the following is slightly better (aka shorter… albeit not much! ;)):

They provide valuable resources for a variety of role, including:

‘All Tutorials’ seems a bit passive to me… not sure what I would use instead … just jars a little I guess.

"Images: In this tutorial, you can learn how to make images accessible, including decorative, linked, and grouped images.”


"Images:  Learn how to communicate images in an accessible way, including decorative, linked, and grouped images.”

“Additional tutorials… reviewed”


[header] Coming soon

We are working on tutorials for the following areas. They will be added once they have been completed and thoroughly reviewed.

• Forms: ….
• Sliders and carousels: ….
• Tell us what you would like to see



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> Hi EO Working Group,
> please take a look at the tutorial cover page that was just updated:
> Feedback is welcome via email or in the meeting on Friday.
> Thanks,
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