Re: Introducing myself

Hellos to Kevin and everyone else!

I also just joined this working group and I am really excited to start
working with all of you. I wanted to drop a line earlier but have been in a
CMMI training for the past several days. Anyway, let me tell you a bit
about myself:

I have been in graphic design for the past 11 years, with accessibility
being a primary focus of the previous 7. I work with creative departments
to improve their accessibility best practices and incorporate accessibility
on a project management level. The majority of this work has been applying
WCAG to technology that is not web related. I train others based on my
belief that design and accessibility should work hand in hand. Often my
trainings include policy and how to adhere to standards and laws such as
Section 508 here in the US. In addition to this group I also work in ISO

My wife and I don't have kids, so there is fortunately no homework we need
to deal with. Instead I am rather involved in our dog and two cats. It's
kind of like having a perpetual 2 year old that drools a lot. We are avid
board gamers and occasionally go the local football (soccer) matches here
in DC.

Tomorrow will be my first meeting with the group and I am really looking
forward to doing anything I can to help.

Jon Metz

On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 11:42 AM, Denis Boudreau <>

> Welcome to our happy little group Kevin. Nice to make your virtual
> acquaintance.
> I wanted to take a moment to also say I would not be able to join the call
> this week. Two conflicting client meetings were just booked for me during
> the EO time slot tomorrow.
> /Denis
> On Jun 5, 2014, at 9:01 AM, Wayne E Dick <> wrote:
>  Welcome, Kevin,
> I cannot attend this week so let me give you a cyber hello.  The user
> experience is the reward that keeps us all here.
> Wayne Dick
>  On 6/5/2014 3:22 AM, Kevin White wrote:
> Hi EOWG,
> I have just joined the EOWG and the W3C Team and would like to briefly introduce myself.
> I am a new starter with W3C WAI team based in Europe working from Edinburgh, where I live. Initially, I will be focussing on the WAI-ACT project ( That is of course after I get my head around everything!
> For the last, nearly 8 years, I have worked with small user experience agencies based in Edinburgh. A large part of my role involved helping clients improve the accessibility of web services they offered. This work ran the gamut from simple audits to long term engagements where clients were keen to improve both organisational understanding or accessibility and site implementation. This was predominantly with financial services clients but there were still a few interesting National Health Service projects and large sporting events sprinkled into the mix.
> Prior to this I have worked since 1992 variously as an internet developer (where I first encountered accessibility and the joyous task of persuading people that it was a good idea), software engineer and chiropractor (for a very short while!).
> While helping companies towards a more accessible online offering is great, the most fascinating and rewarding part for me is talking with those that benefit the most from the work we all do. Understanding how poor accessibility creates real barriers and how small changes can make huge differences to peoples lives is always a great reminder of the continual importance of raising awareness.
> On a personal level I have two children who both demand attention and that I finish their school projects for them when they have left it to the last minute despite nagging (not a sore point, honestly!). I have two cats who both demand attention but fortunately don't have to do any school projects. Lorraine, my wife, has to suffer all of us demanding.
> I volunteer with a number of charities in Edinburgh running gaming groups for a local Asperger's and Autism charity, and participating in a sci-fi book group for another mental health charity. This is really an excuse for me to engage in entertaining activities and make it look altruistic ;)
> I look forward to working with you all; learning and sharing along the way.
> Regards,
> Kevin

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