Re: Easy Checks - new sections to public page this week?

Thanks, Sylvie! Replies below preceded with SLH:

On 7/2/2013 3:18 AM, Sylvie Duchateau wrote:
> Hello Shawn and all,
> I am not sure if I have time to add comments on the wiki yet, therefore I write them in an e-mail and can post them later if you like.

SLH: E-mail is fine.

> The forms section looks good to me, but I noticed some typos and I think one thing needs to be clarified.
> 1. In the introduction:
> "people can interact with them using only the keyboard, using voice input, and using screen readers.
> I would suggest to write the word using only once.
> This would read: people can interact with them using only the keyboard, voice input, or screen readers."

SLH: I tried this but I don't think it's clear enough for people who don't know about accessibility and other ways to interact with the computers. I think we'd need to say: "people can interact with them using only the keyboard, or voice input, or using screen readers." but then it could be understood as "using only the keyboard, or using only voice input, or using only screen readers" which isn't right either.

> 2. In checking labels with WAT, one word should be deleted in following bullet: "Example with with potential errors".

SLH: Done.

> 3. In the next bullet:
> "Check that every field label has label for="[acme]" before it and id="[acme]" in the box with it, and that the text in quotes matches. [@@ work with screen reader?]"
> I think we should explain that acme is an example of id content and that people do not have to look for this string. I will check with screen readers later today on till the end of the week.

SLH: I changed it back to "x" and added: ("x" can be anything; for example, for="park", id="park")

> 4. Do you say asterisks or asterisk? See following sentence: "The asterisks (*) is included in the box around the label"
> Should we say: "The asterisks (*) are included in the box around the label" or "The asterisk (*) is included in the box around the label"?

SLH: Fixed.

> 5. In checking with FF, I am not sure it is a good idea to write the warning in parenthesis. In French, parenthesis is often used for additional content that does not need to be read absolutely but that can be skipped. Why don't we write a note ?
> Note: There is not an easy way to check form control labels with the FF toolbar. The Form Labels favelet works with Firefox and provides the same information as from IE WAT above. It requires installation."
> Couldn't we explain what this favelet is?

SLH: I took it out of parenthesis and tweaked it a bit to be a little more clear what the favlet does.

> In Plain content view:
> 1. In the following sentence, do you mean "an" or "and"?
> "Web pages are often designed with multiple columns, sections, colors, an other visual aspects that help organize information for people who see the page in its default display."

SLH: "and". fixed.

> The rest is ok.
> In the French Web developer toolbar, there is a shortcut to disable all styles. It is: alt+shift+a. May be it is the same in the English version?

SLH: Right. I saw where you put that in the wiki a while ago. It didn't work for Wayne or me in the English version.


> That's all for my comments now.
> Best
> Sylvie
> Le 01/07/2013 23:48, Shawn Henry a écrit :
>> EOWG,
>> The Forms and Plain Content View sections are updated in our working page <>
>> As discussed at Friday's teleconference, we want to move these to the "published" draft at <> and announce that it is updated.
>> Let me know right away if you have any concerns with moving the updated sections.
>> We can continue to refine them after we move them.
>> Thanks,
>> ~Shawn
>> On 6/25/2013 12:32 PM, Shawn Henry wrote:
>>> Hi EOWG,
>>> Easy Checks is in place at <> as a draft.
>>> The sections we are actively working on are at: <>
>>> There are 2 new sections that are not yet in the main page:
>>>      * Forms
>>>      * Linearize / Plain Text View
>>> There are two small additions:
>>>      * in Background section - explanation of "markup"
>>>      * in the Next Steps section - list of things not included in easy checks
>>> It would be good if we could add the new sections and additions to the main page after the telecon this week, since we're not meeting next week. Remember the main page is an "in-progress, unapproved draft" with notes throughout, so it's OK to put drafty text in there.
>>> I think the main thing we need to work on is what to call the new section. Please see the comments at <> and *add your own comments and heading ideas* to the "Brainstorms:" list.
>>> There are also some open issues in the Forms section at <>.
>>> Thanks!
>>> ~Shawn

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