Re: Easy Checks - new sections to public page this week?

hello again Shawn,
As everthing is fixed, I think the page looks really good and what is 
ready should be published.
Some replies below with SD.

Le 02/07/2013 16:22, Shawn Henry a écrit :
>> 1. In the introduction:
>> "people can interact with them using only the keyboard, using voice
>> input, and using screen readers.
>> I would suggest to write the word using only once.
>> This would read: people can interact with them using only the
>> keyboard, voice input, or screen readers."
> SLH: I tried this but I don't think it's clear enough for people who
> don't know about accessibility and other ways to interact with the
> computers. I think we'd need to say: "people can interact with them
> using only the keyboard, or voice input, or using screen readers." but
> then it could be understood as "using only the keyboard, or using only
> voice input, or using only screen readers" which isn't right either.
SD: This suggestion was only to avoid repeating a word too much. If you 
think this formulation is clearer, you are a better expert in English 
than I am. So I don't mind letting the text as is.
>> 3. In the next bullet:
>> "Check that every field label has label for="[acme]" before it and
>> id="[acme]" in the box with it, and that the text in quotes matches.
>> [@@ work with screen reader?]"
>> I think we should explain that acme is an example of id content and
>> that people do not have to look for this string. I will check with
>> screen readers later today on till the end of the week.
> SLH: I changed it back to "x" and added: ("x" can be anything; for
> example, for="park", id="park")
SD: Yes, this is clearer now.

>> 5. In checking with FF, I am not sure it is a good idea to write the
>> warning in parenthesis. In French, parenthesis is often used for
>> additional content that does not need to be read absolutely but that
>> can be skipped. Why don't we write a note ?
>> Note: There is not an easy way to check form control labels with the
>> FF toolbar. The Form Labels favelet works with Firefox and provides
>> the same information as from IE WAT above. It requires installation."
>> Couldn't we explain what this favelet is?
> SLH: I took it out of parenthesis and tweaked it a bit to be a little
> more clear what the favlet does.
SD: Fine!
>> In Plain content view:
>> In the French Web developer toolbar, there is a shortcut to disable
>> all styles. It is: alt+shift+a. May be it is the same in the English
>> version?
> SLH: Right. I saw where you put that in the wiki a while ago. It didn't
> work for Wayne or me in the English version.
SD: It's strange that there is no direct shortcut because it is faster 
to only press one instead of going to the web developer submenu. But I 
think one can assign a shortcut to this functionality in the developer's 

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