Re: [for review] RD Symposia design

Just as a caveat, I had not added aria, skiplinks or other necessary
additives to the html, it is very much a rough draft. Unless Shawn tidied
up behind me, which she has already done to some extent (thanks Shawn!)

The font - all in all not bad but kerning on cap A and Cap W seems
diabolical. the choice of open web fonts is sadly somewhat limited, unless
anyone knows any brilliant and expert digital font designers who might
tweak them?

Justified text - very interesting. not sure how well browsers are at full
justification yet, but I agree that it could look pretty good at full
line-width. Could then change to ragged-right as line-length decreased to
avoid horribleness on small screens, responsive-style.

Is the yellow box giving the bibtext too much prominence? I am also seeing
the box stopping short in Aurora (firefox 15)

Transcript - very good point. Needs some navigation handles... how are the
transcripts generated? Any chance agenda items can be marked up? Or mark-up
the speaker's name?

Shawn do you want me to fold in comments to create a new version or do they
need to be discussed first?


On 3 July 2012 20:52, Yeliz Yesilada <> wrote:

> Dear All,
> As I said in my previous email, I really like the design. Please see some
> minor comments below:
> On 2 Jul 2012, at 16:41, Shawn Henry wrote:
> > Please let me know if you have any concerns with the overall design, and
> if you have comments on any specifics, e.g,:
> > * Is the use of all caps and italics acceptable?
> I think they look good.
> > * Should there be a visited link colour?
> I think this would be useful, especially reading long research pages, this
> could be useful.
> and some other comments for editors discretion:
> - I think justified text would be useful as well (both left and right).
> - link to slides in the proceedings tab might not be available in all
> symposiums.
> - Links at the top (WAI R&D Symposia » Metrics Symposium Home ») are used
> as breadcrumbs but as I move along the tab, the tab items are not added to
> this list, so this might be a bit confusing.
> - Will the transcript page include some mechanism of highlighting, for
> example time stamps, or some headings, etc? This would be useful to guide
> people reading the transcript page, otherwise it might be too long. This
> page could also include agenda of the symposium to guide the reader so they
> would be able to jump to specific agenda items. Based on this, I wonder if
> the following symposiums can be recorded so that we also provide audio
> transcripts for people to follow.
> - I guess the link at the bottom of the page will be removed: <
> - In my browser (Firefox v13.01), yellow box is not fully covering the
> bibtex item <>.
> and some minor comments about the content.
> - I think it would be good to add affiliations of the scientific committee
> members to this page:

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