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Hello Shawn and all,
While comparing the 23 july and 25 july versions I prefer the first try.
I think a quote (even from you!) is ok and the notes explain clearly 
what this quote is, that you can take an alternative one or choose one 
from a famous local person.
Discussing the issue with a colleague, she was  a bit surprised to read  
your quote in slide 5 of the 25 July version without quoting, without 
source,  it looks strange. I think  that the notes are not really helpful.
To summarise: I vote for the solution of  23 July version and the really 
clear notes that explain this slide.
One last question:
For which version of the slides shall we vote now when we fill out the 

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Le 25/07/2011 20:47, Shawn Henry a écrit :
>  EOWG,
> Based on the EOWG discussion on 22 July, I edited the [broad view of 
> accessibility] slide (5), changing the slide a bit and the Notes 
> significantly. After further input and thought, I was able to separate 
> out the issues more clearly. Currently the purpose of that slide is 
> introduce the first part of the presentation, not to have a compelling 
> quote. So I've tried another revision to better meet the purpose and 
> get rid of the quote issues. I look forward to your comments on how 
> these work or might be further revised.
> The two drafts are available for review:
> * 25 July revision removing quotation aspects: 
> * 23 July version with changes based on the 22 July EOWG decisions: 
> Note that the latest version (which currently is the same as the 25 
> July one, but could change) will be at: 
> Thanks,
> ~Shawn (with editor hat on)

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