An Introduction

Hi all, my name is Karl Groves. I am a new addition to the EOWG.  I was actually accepted several days ago, however work & work-related travel have kept me from putting together this introduction until now. I consider myself fortunate to know so many of you rather well already and am happy to see so many familiar faces. For those that don't know me or don't know me well, here we go!

I am Director of Training for Deque Systems.  My job entails designing & delivering training for our clients. The training I create ranges from courses on how to use our products to courses on accessible web development and project management.  My background is actually in web development, so it is exciting to me to teach others on the topic of accessible web development.

My history with accessibility goes back 10 years when, attempting to get a job as web developer in the DC area there was an intense focus at that time for 508-compliance.  I had no idea what it was, so I became hyperfocused on the topic and began learning everything I could. 2-years later I got a job at a usability consulting firm and handled all of their accessibility reviews as well as participating in usability work and managing all of their development work.

I later moved to SSB BART Group where I began as Senior Accessibility Consultant and then transitioned to Director of Strategic Management Product Development. In 2010, Deque Systems stole me by giving me an opportunity to do something I had grown to enjoy immensely: training.

I think of my situation as trainer as being the best opportunity to make a more accessible Web.  I feel the primary barrier as being one of ignorance and I'm now in a position to eliminate the ignorance of my students.  I look forward to my participation in EOWG as another way of achieving the same goal.

On a personal level, I'm married with 2 kids and live outside of Baltimore MD.  I enjoy old cars, loud music, and working with my hands - specifically metalworking/welding & woodworking.  


Karl L. Groves
Director, Training
Deque Systems, Inc.
Phone:  443.517.9280

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