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Char, I agree. And if that's still too long, then if we take the
approach of making each word earn its place five times, we really don't
need "People": "Ways to Use the Web." So long as we can keep the plural
in all translations * in other words, avoid shifting to "How to Use the
Web" or the equivalent * I think we have the same sense. "Ways You Can
Use the Web" is similar, but doesn't carry a prescriptive (that is, "do
it this way") sense at all. But that costs another 5 characters (in
English). Cliff ________________________________ From: Char James-Tanny
To: Sent: Wed, March 30, 2011 2:11:40 PM Subject: Re:
Brainstorms on title for How People use Web page (If I do anything wrong
when replying, let me know!) *Different Ways People Use the Web* can
just be *Ways People Use the Web*. *Different* is implied*we wouldn*t
repeat the same way over and over just to make *ways* plural. (I don*t
know if that makes it short enough or not.) Char James-Tanny JTF
Associates, Inc.

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