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Hi Shadi, All,

Looking at the "More about Ms. Martinez" section on the page, I believe the
information is pertinent to the disability itself and the solutions that Ms..
Martinez found to address the situation. Since this applies to her online
education only, I am not sure an employment description is relevant.

In my opinion, the same goes for Mr. Lee. His employment would not be
relevant for his online shopping activities outside work.

Employment is relevant, for example, in the case of Mr. Jones as he must
address his injury in order to perform his work. That is just my opinion.

Best regards,
Miruna Ticrea

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 1:30 AM, Shadi Abou-Zahra <> wrote:

> Hi Wayne, All,
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> In response to an action item from last weeks' EOWG teleconference call,
> Shawn and I have been looking at the suggestion to define an employment
> situation for Ms. Martinez scenario.
> Of the 8 stories, 4 have clear employment, 2 are non-adults, and 2 are
> unspecified, as listed below. In order to not emphasis employment, I prefer
> not to add employment to Ms. Martinez.
> Employment clear:
> * Mr. Jones, Reporter with repetitive stress injury  employment in title &
> first paragraph
> * Ms. Laitinen, Accountant with blindness  employment in title & first
> paragraph
> * Mr. Sands, Supermarket assistant with Down syndrome  employment in title
> & first paragraph
> * Mr. Yunus, Retiree with low vision, hand tremor, and mild short-term
> memory loss  "retiree" (in title & first paragraph) implies previous
> employment
> Employment not relevant:
> * Ms. Olsen, Classroom student with attention deficit hyperactivity
> disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia  child so employment not appropriate
> * Ms. Kaseem, Teenager with deaf-blindness  teenager so employment less
> relevant
> Employment not stated:
> * Mr. Lee, Online shopper with color blindness  employment not mentioned
> * Ms. Martinez, Online student who is hard of hearing  employment not
> mentioned
> Please let me know if you have other opinions on this.
> Best,
>  Shadi
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