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> I don't have brains to review this in detail but it strikes me that the 
> "basics" section is so hearing oriented. How about mentioning people 
> using magnifying glasses, people who need presenters to speak slowly to 
> better *understand* what they hear, or people needing to eat (or even 
> walk out to take a diabetes injection or whatever) in the middle of the 
> session, etc etc etc. This section should surely not be daunting but it 
> is important to clarify that people hear, see, move, understand, and 
> participate in different ways (rather than to focus primarily on the 
> assistive solutions they *may* use).
> I think that this should be addressed before publication but I leave it 
> to editor's discretion. Feel free to forward my comment (or a summary) 
> to EOWG as needed.

The reason there is so much about hearing in that section is because we need to define ALD and CART, and it seemed best at the beginning of the document, rather than cluttering up the bullet where they are first used in the main documents or linking to a definition at the end, since we're assuming that many readers of this will not know those terms. It is included after "For example,..."

Another comment was how daunting this document is. We really need to keep it as simple and short as possible. I don't think it's worth expanding it to include all those things you list, especially since the "etc etc etc." is pages long. I think we want to include just the most pertinent information.

Here are some ideas to address the of the issue basics section saying so much about AT for hearing:
1. Bold the entire first sentence so it stands out more.
2. Change "(_Additional benefits_ of CART are mentioned below.)" to "CART is also useful for people who can understand text better than the spoken language, and _additionally benefits others_." to expand it beyond hearing.
3. Add "People who are blind use screen readers that read aloud the information displayed on their screen." since this is very relevant for providing presentation material.
4. Put the first sentence of Basics in a bullet list.
5. Delete the whole idea of the second paragraph ("They use assistive technologies or adaptive strategies. For example, people who are hard of hearing...") and just make it a definition list of terms.

To get any idea what that would be like, I've implemented 4 & 5 in

*EOWG*: Please comment on the 5 ideas above, and feel free to suggest others!


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