Re: [updated] WCAG 2.0 Translations page

Dear Shadi & EOWG,

Thank you for the updated version, Shadi. This listing is much more simple.

Here is a suggestion for further simplification and clarification: <>

Changes include:
* simplified headings and text
* put links to other translations lists and translations information in bullets so they stand out more
* capitalized "Authorized Translations"
* change "voluntary" to "volunteer"
* highlighted the CAT for review and took it out of its own list
* linked the language of completed translations (Hungarian and Portuguese)

Question: Should we include the language in its own language, e.g., Hungarian (Magyar0...



Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
> Dear EOWG,
> Thank you very much for the valuable input during Friday's EOWG call and 
> on the mailing list. I've tried to incorporate all of your comments into 
> an updated draft:
>  - <>
> Please send further thoughts or comments to the mailing list. As Shawn 
> said, we can do minor updates at any time after publication too.
> Thanks,
>   Shadi

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