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 Hello Shawn,

Looks like I am late with my comments but I will still try my luck. Following the last week's call I got one idea and unfortunately could not communicate it during the call as I lost connection while driving. 

Compiled list gives feedback and suggestions to specific parts of the document. It has been however acknowledged that commenting document that we hope is going to be rewritten is not an easy task. So my idea is: whereas is it good to point at specific places where problems are found, it might be even better to compose a summary of complaints and improvement ideas. This will give a stonger overall message because a new editor of the document might skip some of the detailed comments because he would assume that changing or removing some parts of text remove the overall issue. If we make a general list of issues new editor has to keep in mind when updating the document this would be a good overall checkpoint for him or her. 

So I suggest to compliment the list that has probably been sent out already with a general level suggestions/recommendations/improvement ideas that eGov IG needs to keep in mind while writing/rewriting/updating their document.

One more idea that is off the topic but should serve to improve the document. They should have some sort of brainstorming to share (positive) experiences of different people in different countries and try to reflect them in their document. This will bring document down to earth and closer to life.

Br, Anna 

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Dear EOWG participants,

Our final comments on "Improving Access to Government through Better Use of the Web" <> are online at:

We need to submit the comments this weekend. If you see any issues before we submit them, please send your comments to the EOWG list right away. We did put in the comments "(In order to submit these comments before the deadline, minor changes were made after EOWG discussion and all participants may not have reviewed them before they were submitted.)" If you see any issues after they are submitted, we can still go back and offer changes to the eGov Interest Group.

~Shawn & Sharron Rush (who did the bulk of the comment drafting and editing)

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