Comments on "Comparative requirements analysis for older Web users"

Here are some comments on my reading this [1] for the first time 

I thought it needed an introductory sentence at the start something like 
"WCAG is intended to address the requirements of all users with special 
needs but older users have different ones. These tables provide..."

"WAI has carried out a the review of literature to determine what needs 
have been identified. The tables only present requirements..."

"scientific study or an observation of users." Observation is an 
integral part of scientific study. Perhaps what is meant is anecdotal 

Under "Recommendations", for those who are curious (probably few) it 
would be useful to have links to a separate linking-bridging document to 
link to the individual references in the literature review References 

The term "gap analysis" came to mind when reading the document. It 
identifies possible gaps in WAI guidelines. To say "differences" is 
dodging the issue I think.

Acronyms: Perhaps expand ATAG, WCAG, UAAG.

Ambiguous link text "A more detailed version... WCAG 2.0 sufficient and 
advisory techniques" (it doesn't link to WCAG).

I don't understand what the coloured cell background means. don't relay 
on colour alone? Use CSS for the colour, not @bgcolor.


"identified in the literature reviewed" (review)
"made be required" (may be)

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Received on Friday, 5 September 2008 10:09:32 UTC