ATAG users

Doyle mentioned widgets, which I thought was an excellent point and 
reminded me of how much of a headache widgets can be (we ended 
up rewriting quite a few form widgets for one client).

So I tried to work out a label for the grouping of:
  and many more...

The best I can come up with is 'Development tools that provide UI widgets'

Though there is still a difference between people who write standard 
widget sets for web dev tools (ATAG audience), people who write web 
widgets in the sense of mini web apps for blogs written in Flash or Java 
(Not ATAG audience?), and people who write widgets for Operating Systems 
(not ATAG audience). So there is still a potential confusion...

Regards to you all

Liam McGee

P.S. The earliest known occurrence of the word "widget" is in Beggar on 
Horseback (1924), a comedy play written by George S. Kaufman and Marc 
Connelly. The hero of this play is a struggling composer who must choose 
between creating music that stimulates his soul (but earns no money) or 
earning a living by accepting a soul-deadening job in a factory that 
makes "widgets". -- wikipedia

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