Comments on "Integrating Web Accessibility in Courses"

I have been reading through the draft [1] since it was on the 
subsequently cancelled agenda for December 8th. I realize that it's now 
off the agenda but hopefully these comments will help when it comes 
around again.

Title: I think that the target courses are not just any courses but are 
more or less Web oriented. Perhaps "Integrating Accessibility in Web 
Courses" would be clearer, without restricting the cope too much. As it 
is "courses" without any qualification sounds rather odd to me.

First paragraph: "Web courses" seems to me to be too general; it 
initially made me think of courses taught via the Web medium.

Section "Presentation Support Materials": For users for whom english is 
not their first language, the three bullets might be easier to 
understand if there was a desciption in the title or before the nested 
list. For example "Handouts to print for students" and "Slides for 
"Images" is perhaps easier to understand than "graphics" (and is used in 
the Concepts | Topics "Readings" section further on.
"Diagrams/images of Components" rather than "Components graphics".
"Icons showing stages in W3C Process" for "W3C Process stage icons".

Section "Concepts | Topics "Readings"": Perhaps the descriptions under 
"Components..." and "Importance..." could be more brief. People can 
access the documents to find out details. Consider putting the 
explanation first, and then "WAI has a document "XXX" that explains this 
"Quick tips" perhaps say "you can order some of these cards to hand out 
to your students"

Section "Announcement": When I read this (even several times) I couldn't 
understand what the aim was. I think that "Announcement" suggests some 
event;what it is about is "spreading the word". Perhaps something like 
"promotional message" would be clearer. My understanding is that while 
the first section is aimed at course instructors and mnagers, this 
section is aimed at outreach people. it says "You may use it..." but it 
doesn't say who it is aimed at. Consider "If you want to promote the use 
of these materials / Web accessibility in education you can send a 
message...". It might be useful to give an idea of who is eligible to 
send out such a message.

Title "W3C WAI materials to help you update your web course" could be 
"Update your web course with W3C WAI materials". I wonder whether this 
phrase is necessary in the title. It might be better in the body text.

I think that this section will likely be copied into a plain-text email 
message, and so perhaps it could be tested for formatting and 

Sender information. The template message has Shawn's name and details. I 
understand that other people will be sending this message. Shawn should 
be included as a contact person but not the sender, I think.

I think that some formatting is needed to indicate that the 
"Announcement" is actually a template for an email message, unlike the 
first section which is a regular document.


best regards to all,

Alan Chuter
Accessibility Consultant
Technosite (formerly Fundosa Teleservicios)
Tel. +34 91 121 03 35

Received on Friday, 5 January 2007 13:12:50 UTC