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Comments on Section A1
Good. Clear. I understood it.

Comments on section A2

A.2.2. could do with clarification. *Every* selectable item? A single 
press of a key-plus-modifier to reach it?
What if there are more selectable actions than key-plus-modifiers 
available? For example, a long list pages on a site, each with several 
icons clickable to perform different functions. Is it permissible to use 
a single keyboard combination for a type of selectable item (repeat the 
keyboard action to cycle through them)?

A.2.5 should this not mention keyboard somewhere?
"For the authoring tool user interface, ensure that editing views enable 
the author to navigate the structure and perform structure-based edits 
*using the keyboard*."

A.2.8 Explain what is meant by keyboard operability settings

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