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Helle BjarnÝ wrote:
> I think this looks very good - well done Shawn - 
> Regarding your question I don't have any comments.
> Finally just a question regarding the alt text to the graphics in the ordered list, to me the alt text describes what the pictures look like e.g. the working draft: "3 documents with light gray empty text blocks and light blue edges" My question is does a screen reader user prefer a description of the picture or a description of the functionality. Maybe something like why is this picture here and what is it? When I see the small pictures and the text I can see the relation between the illustration and the content of the text, and I'm just curious to know if screen reader users get the same connection between the alt text and the content. Hope this is clear enough for you to understand my question and I'm not at all sure that there is any need for my thoughts on this so please enlighten me.

Well, good alt text is an art, not a science.

These images have no functionality, except to provide some representations of the stages. I did carefully describe the aspects of the images that convey the status of the stages. The images do come right before each item in the list in the screen reader reading order, so they have the same linear relationship as you get visually.

Open to other suggestions...

~ Shawn

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