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[the original post from Henny didn't make it to the list, my response follows after citing her]

FYI, we are talking about the following page, the "list of demonstrated accessibility barriers":
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Swan, Henny wrote:
> Hi Shadi,
> Just a thought on the heading of this document. I agree that barriers is
> 95% clear but wonder if, for new users, that it may be made even clearer
> if the actual document heading is "Before and After Demonstration:
> Accessibility Barriers". For me it just gives it the final 5% of
> clarity.

Basically I agree that adding the word "accessibility" to the title makes it clearer but sadly also even longer than it already is. I was thinking about dropping the cumbersome "Before and After" from the title, then reworking it a little. The titles I came up with are:

* "Demonstration: Accessibility Barriers"
* "Demonstrated Accessibility Barriers"

Any reactions?


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