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Hi Judy, hi all.

I find the two sections clear and very effective.

In "Considerations in Combining Expertise" section I really like the  
- Developing a distributed evaluation capability across an organization
- Identification of external expertise
- Involving users in evaluation
- Facilitating collaboration through shared tools and templates
- ...

It's the best strategy to implement.


~ pasquale

Il giorno 17/feb/06, alle ore 21:52, Judy Brewer ha scritto:

> Hi EOWG:
> As discussed in today's call, we did not make it all the way  
> through this redraft, and it would be helpful to have more  
> discussion online by early next week.
> If you have comments on the questions below, please send them to  
> the EOWG list. In particular, as we did not finish our walk-through  
> of the latter two sections of the draft, please read through
>         < 
> expertise-20060216.html#collaboration>
> and
>         < 
> expertise-20060216.html#considerations>
> and send in any thoughts that you have about the content.
> For instance:
> - is the information in these sections likely to be helpful for the  
> different kinds of audiences that we're addressing?
> - is the information clear, and does it seem accurate based on  
> effective collaborative evaluation processes that you've seen or  
> been involved in?
> - are there other kinds of information that would be useful to  
> include among these items?
> Please send your comments to the list, to  
> encourage discussion. It would be helpful also if you take the time  
> to reply back to colleagues' comments, either to indicate agreement  
> or to present a different view.
> Many thanks,
> - Judy

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