Re: Emailing: AccessPolicy.htm

Wayne Dick wrote:
> What do you think.  More important, is anything just 
> wrong?  Does it make sense?

It makes a great deal of sense. The closest to "wrong" I find are points 
that always "stick" in our various guidelines: little is considered 
about the need for accommodation in regard to accessibility for those 
who come under the general rubric of "cognitive disabilities"; the 
continuing absence of any available authoring tools that pay enough 
attention to both the use of such tools and of their "product."

One reason for addressing the former is that we so often, in the working 
groups credit the notion of "clear and simple" language being a central 
part of the accessibility picture. I'm not sure what your document could 
do about this but it's worth considering.

The role of entities like yours in pressuring vendors to make their 
authoring tools compliant with ATAG is central to our goals.


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