Outreach update: "Web developing with accessibility in mind"

Hi all,

On september 19th I've started to teach in a course, "Web developing with
accessibility in mind", organized by the italian government in order to help
developers to conform the italian Public Administration Web sites to the new
law (Stanca Act) requirements.

The actual educational effort from italian government about web
accessibility is made by two different 6 days courses:
Web Developers Course and Web Editors Course. I've been involved as teacher
in the first one.

This Web Developer course (3 + 3 days, interrupted by a whole week dedicated
to practice and exercises) has the following program:
- Web Develping with users in mind
- Web Standards and languages
- Web Usability basics
- Accessible multimedia
- WCAG 1.0 and Stanca Act

The purpose is to start to talk about web users, and how people (PWD and
not) use the web. Only after this we start and illustrate how XHTML and CSS
should work together, and only as a conclusion of the course (last day) I'll
speak about guidelines and policies; in this way we hope to make everyone
understand what the Stanca Act really can represent for the italian public
administrations' Web: a good starting point (maybe the best starting point
actually avaliable) to build web based application that really work for any
kind of user.

After the first 3 days (mon-wed), I've gathered a really positive feedback;
for most people I met in the course, Web accessibility was just a new great
problem that the new law put on their way, but maybe now they start to see
the Stanca Act (and WCAG too) "simply" as a collection of advices that fully
correspond with users need. 

I'll keep you all updated about the course conclusion and the final

My best regards,

Roberto Castaldo
Coordinatore www.Webaccessibile.Org
IWA/HWG Member
Cell. 348 3700161
Icq 178709294

Received on Friday, 23 September 2005 14:36:31 UTC