ENLASO - Webinar on Documentation

A significant summary of design principals that includes 
translatability. I found it most informative.
I watched the one-hour on-line presentation, which I expect was the 
PowerPoint presentation.

It comes from Elasco;   http://www.translate.com

A recommendation to be done early is to translate the glossary.

Best Regards/Harvey Bingham

Hello Harvey,

Please find attached the link where you may download a recording of our
latest Webinar, as well as the PowerPoint presentation:


Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions regarding the Webinar or
any of our services.

Thank you and best regards,

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ENLASO Corporation is proud to announce the release of Lexikon, a
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Lexikon is a database-driven Web application that allows users of all levels
to create, manage, and publish rich multilingual glossaries.
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