FYI: Mis-statements

of J.K. Rowling's site are wizards at creating accessibility

British author J.K. Rowling, creator of the wildly popular Harry 
Potter series, uses technology     Official SIte

to create some additional magic on her official web site. [a 
text-only version is the solution?]:

The site, designed by Lightmaker

in coordination with RNIB and Macromedia:

I'm surprised that RNIB is featuring this on their website:
    * The official site of Harry Potter author J K Rowling, 
(<>, has been relaunched
    * with enhanced accessibility features. Designers of the site, 
Lightmaker, have worked closely with
    * RNIB and Macromedia to develop this pioneering new version 
which pushes the boundaries of
    * accessible Flash. See 
press release for further information.
and Macromedia, has recently been updated to give universal access to 
internet users
who may be disabled, deaf, or visually impaired. It serves as a 
terrific model for how schools
can make their own web sites fully accessible to stakeholders....

Note that links are positionally sensitive pop-ups to further offset pop-ups.

What an education and outreach opportunity!

Best Regards/Harvey Bingham 

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