Re: complete survey form - Call for Review [EOWG: Review Evaluation Resource Suite documents]

Hello Shawn,

I got this e-mail requesting me to fill out the survey form  but  after I
logged into  the account I got an "unauthorized" message.

I have not been able to participate on the EO calls for the past few months.
I have sent in my comments on the docs now in the scope of the survey form
via e-mail and participated in discussions earlier this year.

I do want my efforts to be recognized as several of my comments and
suggestions have been incorporated in the docs. especially the one on
Selection of Evaluation Tools.

I think it is not fair to  not acknowledge  the individuals who have
contributed to the suite of documents through an "Acknowledgment Section"
like the one  for the  Business Case doc. I have brought this issue up more
than once but never got a response.

Sailesh Panchang
Senior Accessibility Engineer
Deque Systems (
11180 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite #400
Reston VA 21091
Tel: 703-225-0380 (ext 105)

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Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 3:20 PM
Subject: complete survey form - Call for Review [EOWG: Review Evaluation
Resource Suite documents]

> The "EOWG Call for Review: Evaluation Resource Suite, 2005 September"
online survey form is available at:
> We plan to post the new pages to the WAI Web site this Friday if we get
sufficient replies to the survey and no objections by:
> Thursday 15 September
> Please see the e-mail below for more details. Note that all EOWG
participants in good standing must complete the Call for Review. Also note
that you can change your answers at any time.
> Regards,
> ~ Shawn & Judy & Shadi
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> Subject: EOWG: Review Evaluation Resource Suite documents
> Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 12:24:54 -0500
> From: Shawn Henry <>
> To: EOWG (E-mail) <>
> We will be issuing a Call for Review early next week, 12 September, for
some evaluation documents. All participants in good standing need to
complete the review form. Please plan to review the documents described
below early in the week and complete the Call for Review form by Thursday 15
> See below for details and information on what is ready for review right
now. Comments received by Monday morning Europe time can be addressed before
the Call for Review.
> In previous EOWG meetings we decided to make some interim changes to the
Evaluation Resource Suite, including breaking up into separate pages:
> EOWG decided to address only open change log items and serious concerns
with the content of the existing pages, and to hold off on any significant
editing and minor issues. We expect to do additional minor editing in the
4th quarter (4Q) of 2005, and to re-write much of the evaluation documents
in 2006 with changes based on WCAG 2.0 and other developments.
> In today's teleconference[1], EOWG agreed to put the evaluation documents
on the new site at different stages, rather than waiting until all of the
documents are complete. The plan is:
> * Evaluating Accessibility Overview - update on new site with the next 3
documents below (target: 16 Sept)
> * Preliminary Reviews - put on new site as soon as feasible (target: 16
Sept), edit more later
> * Conformance Evaluations - put on new site as soon as feasible (target:
16 Sept), edit more later
> * Specific Contexts (was Special Considerations) - put on new site as soon
as feasible (target: 16 Sept), edit more later
> * [User Evaluation] (new content) - complete & put on new site in 4Q 2005
> * Selecting Tools (new content) - put on new site as soon as feasible
(target: 16 Sept, might have minor edits after the sortable tools list is
> * Tools List (already on new site) - leave version as is on new site for
now, complete sortable version & put on new site in 4Q 2005
> * Review Teams (already on new site) - review in 4Q 2005
> * Reporting Template (already on new site) - review in 4Q 2005
> The following documents will be included in the  Call for Review:
> - Evaluating Web Accessibility
> - Preliminary Review...
> - Conformance Evaluation...
> - Specific Contexts...
> - Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools
> As explained above, the focus of the review is on serious concerns before
this draft is posted to the new site, and not on low priority revisions that
can be postponed for later. (Feel free to also record ideas for later
revisions, and clearly indicate them as such.)
> These documents are complete, yet there are a few open changes from today
recorded in the changelogs, the minutes from today's teleconference[1], and
the wai-eo-editor's list:
> Shadi plans to incorporate these changes by Monday, 12 September.
> If you have additional comments, please clearly indicate if you think they
are *required* to be addressed before this version is put on the new site,
or if they are *optional* for this version and may be postponed and recorded
for the next revision at the editor's discretion. Copyedits go to the
editors list: and content comments go to the main EOWG
> We plan to post the Call for Review form on Monday 12 September. If we can
get sufficient replies to the Call for Review by Thursday 15 September, we
should be able to post the pages to the new site on the 16th. (Otherwise, it
will be another 2 weeks after that due to Shawn & Shadi's schedules.)
> Thanks for your efforts in reviewing the evaluation documents.
> Regards,
> ~ Shawn & Shadi & Judy
> [1]

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