RE: WAI materials for aging/ageing population

Some background material:

Also, from the Australian Bureau of Statistics: "Most older people [aged 65
years or more] (99%) had one or more long-term health conditions. The four
most common long-term conditions reported by older people were eye problems
(96%), arthritis (49%), hypertension (38%) and ear or hearing problems
(32%)." from

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I've searched (using the new search page) for the worsd "elderly", "aging"
and "ageing" and haven't found very much.

The draft "How People with Disabilities Use the Web" describes a retired
person using the Web

"Auxiliary Benefits of Accessible Web Design" says "The population in many
countries is also ageing, and with older age the incidence of disabilties
increases." although this is in the section "Demonstrate Social
Responsibility" rather than "Increase Market Share and Audience Reach" and
it doesn't actually present the business case. BTW, the level 1 heading of
this document doesn't match the title.

Otherwise there isn't much about the elderly population. It would be
usefult to explain the relationship between ageing and disability, and
that elderly people are often reluctant to consider themselves disabled.
Training needs to take into account that elderly people may find it
difficult to adapt to new technology and access modes than the young.

A colleague mentioned to me the increasing use of telemedicine
applications (or at least research into them). These include remote
diagnosis and online health information. Some places in Spain have started
trials of online prescriptions for medication. These aren't specific to
the elderly, but these people are the primary "market".

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> Calling logistics and an agenda for our 29 July 2005 teleconference
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> Bridge:   +1.617.761.6200, code: EOWG# (3694#)
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> 1. Outreach updates (brief)
> - please send to EOWG mailing list in advance, noting any trends or
> issues for EOWG discussion
> 2. Face-to-face meeting possibilities
> - zeroing in upcoming possibilities (look on list before teleconference
> for possible survey form)
> 3. Update on Eval Suite Task Force and call for participants
> - brief update from last meeting
> - reminder of call for participants in Evaluation Task Suite
> - draft work statement (edits will be available):
> - draft requirements (edits will be available):
> 4. Feedback on a few items for the redesigned site:
> - Feedback on draft page describing RSS feeds available from WAI
> - Feedback on updated version of "Introduction to Accessibility"
>          (look on list before meeting)
> 5. How we address aging & disability in WAI materials
> * How can we increase the relevance of and promotion of our materials to
> the aging community?
> * To what extent do our current educational materials clearly address
> the needs of seniors/elders?
> * What kinds of internationally appropriate terminology works best?
> * Are there specific existing materials that we need to revise, and/or
> new materials that we should consider developing?
> Regards,
> ~ Shawn & Judy
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