Re: Lexicon title concerns

Well to begin with, I have terrible 
insomnia.  So I might as well do some 
brainstorming too. I'm really going to 
be tired today.

- Essential Terms for Web Accessibility
- Accessible Definitions for Accessibility
  -The Short List of Accessibility Terms
- Simple Definitions of Difficult 
Concepts in Web  Accessibility
- A Gentle Glossary for Web Accessibility

Not that different form Alan, but more 
clay to work with.  Talk to you all soon,


Alan Chuter wrote:
> Brainstorming about this, here are some ideas that might lead somewhere:
> * Accessibility speak
> * Problem words in Web accessibility
> * Web Accessibility word list
> * Problem words/terms explained
> * Accessibility terms in plain [English]
> * Dictionary of Difficult Words
> I think it could help to avoid explicitly saying "beginners"; it would 
> be  better if it were implicit. I have a book called "Artspeak" about 
> the  strange terms used in modern art, which could become "W3C-speak". 
> For many  people, W3C speaks a different and esoteric language, which 
> needs  explaining. That's what this documemt does, I think.
> I agree with Wayne that lexicon implies (to me) a complete vocabulary, 
> not  just a few selected terms.
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> En Thu, 02 Jun 2005 13:33:54 -0500, Shawn Henry <> escribió:
>> Alan Chuter wrote:
>>> Introduction: The phrase "Beginners lexicon for WAI documents is to aid
>>> translators" seems odd. I don't think that beginners would be  
>>> translating
>>> these documents. Perhaps something like "may also be of use to
>>> translators".
>>> From Henk in just updated Changelog at  
>> - One remark in a reviewers reaction concerning the Lexicon is not 
>> yet  covered:
>> Alan is not happy with the title of the document. Beginners Lexicon 
>> for  WAI documents. To him translators are not beginners. When 
>> discussing  this title I suppose we thought in terms of a Lexicon to 
>> start with, not  that translators are just beginners. An alternative 
>> title could be just  "Lexicon for WAI documents" and in the 
>> introduction more about the real  nature of this Lexicon.
>> ===
>> I agree that "Beginners" in the title adds some opportunity for  
>> confusion and misunderstanding. I think the title should be as simple 
>> as  feasible, and any clarification of scope, etc. be in the 
>> introduction.  (On the other hand, I always wanted newbies to Web 
>> accessibility to be a  primary target audience of the document - so 
>> maybe it is good to have  "Beginner's" in there to help newbies go 
>> there. :)
>> More importantly, I am very concerned that many of our audience will 
>> not  be familiar with the word "Lexicon" (and some might think it  
>> hoity-toity[1]). Other options:
>> 1. [Beginners] Glossary for WAI Documents
>> 2. [Beginners] Glossary (Lexicon) for WAI Documents
>> 3. [Beginners] Glossary/Lexicon for WAI Documents
>> 4. [Beginners] Lexicon (Glossary) for WAI Documents
>> 5. [Beginners] Lexicon/Glossary for WAI Documents
>> Here are minutes from previous discussion of the title:  
>> [1] Characterized by an exaggerated show of dignity or 
>> self-importance:  grandiose, pompous, pretentious, puffed-up, puffy, 
>> self-important. -

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