R: Lexicon title concerns

Hi group, 

More importantly, I am very concerned that many of our audience will not be
familiar with the word "Lexicon" (and some might think it hoity-toity[1]).
Other options:
1. [Beginners] Glossary for WAI Documents 2. [Beginners] Glossary (Lexicon)
for WAI Documents 3. [Beginners] Glossary/Lexicon for WAI Documents 4.
[Beginners] Lexicon (Glossary) for WAI Documents 5. [Beginners]
Lexicon/Glossary for WAI Documents

I'm concerned too, expecially if I try to search a similar word in italian;
we have "lessico" which is almost the same as lexicon, but is not very used
and known, so it may be useful to find a better title. The word glossary is
certainly better.

>From Alan and Pasquale proposals I'd prefer:

-Accessibility terms in plain 
-Essential glossary for Web Accessibility

Moreover, I would propose to consider the word "basic" which contains - in
one single term - the concepts of beginners and of fundamentals. So we could
talk about:

-Basic glossary for Web Accessibility
-Basic Web Accessibility glossary

Mhmmm... I was also thinking (just brainstorming) of the word "easy", so our
title may become:

- Easy Web Accessibility (glossary)

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Received on Friday, 3 June 2005 12:12:59 UTC