Re: Updated version of How People with Disabilities Use the Web

Some more observations:
Reporter with RSI:
- In Internet Explorer and Firefox, access key is  not displayed; but screen
readers can announce them.
But how will this person know there are access keys?
In Classroom student with dyslexia, there is reference to
freezing animated content. This again is user agent dependent and may not be
available or known to user.

In first scenario of color blind person: it must be stated that user has
been trained to use own stylesheets. Else most lay users will not know that
this is something   they can do to control appearance. Also consider ignore
color setting in browser or OS display features.

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> Some updates to "How People with Disabilities Use the Web." New version
now at:
> Updated change log at:
> This draft is still in progress, and there are a few questions that I
> like to ask people during the teleconference today.
> Also this version includes a mandatory style-sheet change to a
> "working-group internal draft," which I will explain.
> Note that this is still not ready for full review and has not yet been
> fully copyedited.
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