Outreach update: Boston STC/IA Meeting on Accessibility

On April 27 I attended a joint meeting of the Boston Society for Technical
Communication Chapter (http://www.stc-boston.org) AccessAbility Sig
and the Boston Information Architects (www.Bostion-IA.org).

Both groups are showing their concern for accessibility -- a good thing.

Lori Gillen, coordinator of the Boston chapter AccessAbility SIG and a
Boston-IA Board member, moderated the evening.

P.J. Gardner, Judy Kessler, and Barbara Casaly shared their real-world
experiences about implementing accessibility in the business world. They
answered questions from the audience on a range of accessibility topics.

*  P.J. Gardner, founder of Boston-IA, described the accessibility
techniques she used in designing the Boston-IA.org web site, and other tips
learned in working for corporate clients.

*  Judy Kessler discussed how she managed a successful accessibility
project for the Sybase documentation group and shared her experiences
testing with the screen reader, JAWS. -- many appreciated the JAWS

*  Barbara Casaly talked about her work on a team of people developing
web accessibility standards for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

*  Lori Gillen talked about her experiences advocating for accessibility at
her workplace at McKesson Healthcare.

This was an interesting evening. I was recognized for my work with WAI.

This meeting replaced the one that Chris Hass and I were going to give on
the WAI site redesign. We'll have our turn next fall. -- when we will be able
to contrast the archaic with the new!

Best Regards/Harvey Bingham

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