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Components of Web Accessibility: comments

From: <michaeka@wellsfargo.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 19:23:49 -0500
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Want components of web accessibility in a nutshell? You got it. Nice job, Shawn: brief, clear, and to the point. Thank you.

Some comments:

1. Change "The purpose of this document is to briefly show how Web accessibility depends on...." to "This document shows how Web accessibility depends on...." 

(Even though Shawn requested no review of specific wording, I'm bringing this up here, as we all potentially write documents, may use such wording, and could avoid such wording.)

2. The phrase "'natural' information" is not clear to me. It would be clearer to split the content bullet into two bullets: "content" and "code," as Shawn has done for authoring tools and evaluation tools. The illustration text "content: natural, code" could be revised to "content and code." In the industry we commonly speak of separation of code and content.

3. Add "and evaluate" after "create" in the sentence "Web developers usually use authoring tools and evaluation tools to create Web content" to read "Web developers usually use authoring tools and evaluation tools to create and evaluate Web content" 

4. Given that the How the Components Relate section refers to both Web developers and people (users) in only two sentences, the first and second illustrations could be deleted and the fifth illustration (15-all.png, which shows both the developer and user paths to "content: natural, code") put in their place. 

5. The third illustration (chicken and egg issue for implementation) is confusing and for me does not add value. Is it necessary?

6. The circles in the fourth and sixth illustrations denoting the circularity of implementation and the working together of WAI guidelines are confusing in that they suggest relationships with the elements next to each other, not with all the relationship possibilities. Maybe they should all be within a circle?

7. In print-outs of the document, the images did not align correctly - for example, the second image appears to the right of the Implementation Cycle header (problem with the floats). I tried (with PC using IE 6.0) printing both portrait and landscape. Both print-outs had problems.

It might be simpler to design the illustrations more horizontally rather than diagonally and have them appear directly below the content they refer to. 

8. Under Guidelines for Components, the first bullet says that WCAG addresses the "code" aspect of content. How about addresses the "code and content" aspects of....?

Also, there's a cognitive gap between the first three bullets and then segueing into "The basic technologies of the Web...." But, I don't have a solution right now and have to go right now.... 


Blossom Michaeloff
Web Research and Design
Wells Fargo
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