Re: Question: Real use of WCAG Conformance Logos

I don't now if anyone has done a formal statistical study, but I had 
developed a page on my old site  -- the Google links still function.

Olle Olsson wrote:

> [Is this a good forum for this kind of question?]
> Question:
> I was wondering whether there is any statistics available on the use 
> of the WCAG Conformance Logos ?
>   I.e. to what extent are these logos used [making claims about WCAG 
> conformance]
>   Presumably this could be detected by pure syntactical scans of web 
> sites/pages
> Non-Question::
> A different question, of more importance though, concerns statistics 
> on *actual* conformance to WCAG?
>   I.e. are sites/pages conformant, *regardless* of whether there is a 
> claim or not.
>   This cannot be done syntactically [se note in: 
> ]
> But we leave this for the moment.
> So is there any data on  the Question above? Perhaps broken down into 
> types of sites (perhaps gov, edu, com, mil, ...) and into 
> geographical/cultural regions?
> /olle

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