Question: Real use of WCAG Conformance Logos

[Is this a good forum for this kind of question?]

I was wondering whether there is any statistics available on the use of 
the WCAG Conformance Logos ?
   I.e. to what extent are these logos used [making claims about WCAG 
   Presumably this could be detected by pure syntactical scans of web 

A different question, of more importance though, concerns statistics on 
*actual* conformance to WCAG?
   I.e. are sites/pages conformant, *regardless* of whether there is a 
claim or not.
   This cannot be done syntactically [se note in: ]
But we leave this for the moment.

So is there any data on  the Question above? Perhaps broken down into 
types of sites (perhaps gov, edu, com, mil, ...) and into 
geographical/cultural regions?


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Received on Thursday, 22 January 2004 11:08:16 UTC