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Comments on: Re: business case status as of 2 April 2004 & review notes

From: Sylvie Duchateau <sylvie.duchateau@snv.jussieu.fr>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 16:05:03 +0200
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Hello Shawn and all,

I could at last read the business case documents "from top to toe", as Judy 
says. I have some comments that you can find below.



1. General questions:

a) On title change.
Question: Now that we have decided to change the title of the document from 
"Presenting the Case for Web Accessibility" to: "Developing a Web 
Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization", should the following 
sentence (for example in technical factors) in the introduction be changed 

Actual sentence: "This page describes financial factors relating to Web 
accessibility. It is part of a resource suite that also describes the 
social, technical, and legal and policy factors for consideration in 
presenting a case for Web accessibility." Changing to: "This page describes 
financial factors relating to Web accessibility. It is part of a resource 
suite that also describes the social, technical, and legal and policy 
factors for consideration in developing a Web accessibility business case 
for your organization".

I suppose that such phrases occur several times through all the documents.

As I said at last call, I can live with the title change, although I think 
it is very long. But I wonder what the phrase "in your organization" 
exactly means? Does it mean that you talk directly to the people 
responsible of one organization? If so, we cannot speak about one 
organization anymore but all the time state: if your organization is a 
governmental organization, you should think about this or that.
Example: in financial factors you have the phrase: "An organization's 
efforts to make its Web site accessible often has a financial impact, and 
can result in positive return on investment and cost efficiencies." Does 
the new title mean we would have to write: "The efforts of your 
organization to make its Web site accessible often have a financial impact, 
and can result in positive return on investment and cost efficiencies."

I am not sure if this comment is understandable. My question here is in 
relation to the world "your" in the title of the document.

2. Comments to the different pages:
a) In social factor page:
I still have difficulties (when reading it) remebering what CSR (corporate 
social responsibility) and SRI (socially responsible investing) means. Is 
it a current phrase in English? Question to those who want to translate it 
into other languages: what effect do we intend with those acronyms? Should 
we invent an acronym in the translations of the document?
b) In technical factors.
Introduction :
"For example, an organization with very limited personnel resources might 
be more interested in reducing site development and maintenance time, while 
another organization that focuses
on cutting-edge technology might be more interested in interoperability and 
being prepared for advanced Web technologies"
To my mind, this is a very long sentence, and it seems to me not easy to 
follow what it exactly meant. In particular, I wonder how I could translate 
"cutting-edge technology" and if it is a current wording in English or 
rather jargon.

- in: "Reduce Site Development and Maintenance Time"
First list, first bullet:
"• Reduce site-wide style change time and effort by defining presentation 
through a style sheet and using proper HTML to markup structure. (WCAG 1.0 
3.1, 3.3, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 5.4) [@@ need to explain that can change in one 
style sheet, rather then in each HTML page @@]"
The sentence is not clear to me. Moreover, after the list of checkpoint 
there is still an action item. Will it be edited after Wednesday or will it 
stay as it is?

- In bullet: "reduce redesign and translation time" there is also an action 
item. Do you expect us to write something or is it planned to be edited 
after Wednesday?

- In the paragraph: "Be Prepared for Advanced Web Technologies"
first bullet:
"Allow for syndication of information by using metadata and representing it 
using resource description framework (RDF) . (WCAG 1.0 Checkpoint 13.2)"
Is the term "syndication of information a current term that can be 
understood by anybody?
- Second bullet: "• Simplify migration and backwards-compatibility by 
defining presentation through a style sheet, using proper HTML@@ to markup 
structure..." Is the term "migration and backwards-compatibility" usual 
term and can it be understood by anybody?

Translation questions:
In financial factors:
viral marketing. For those who are not native speakers is this clear enough 
and do you think it is possible to translate it in your language?

c) In financial factors:
In the part "initial cost" in "Potential initial capital expenditures 
related to Web accessibility include:" Purchasing assistive technologies". 
We should not forget that it is not enough to purchase assistive 
technologies. But people should also follow a training on how to use and 
implement assistive technologies to test their Web site. Or something 
should be written on asking people using those technologies to test the 
sites. What do you think?

- In section "on-going costs" in the bullet: additional testing time. 
Wouldn't it be useful to add something explaining how tests should be 
fullfilled with assistive technologies: in inviting users or in asking 
people of the organization to test the prototypes with assistive 
technologies they have learned to use? Or does it imply that the 
organization has employees with disabilities using those assistive 
If they ask people outside of the organisation to test their prototypes is 
there a cost to add (pay people who do the test) or is there a problem of 
confidentiality because people are testing internal Web sites?
If the tests are done inside of the organisation: it means that people who 
do the test have to know the assistive technology, that is they have to be 
trained to use assistive technologies. (that costs time). Or if they are 
disabled it means that they have to invest time testing the site (this 
should be included in the part on additional time to make Web sites 

- In section Identifying Legal and Policy Factors for a Specific 
Organization, bullet: Identifying Legal and Policy Factors for a Specific 
Bullet:  @@ think this needs to be a section below & not a question@@ Is it 
helpful to include the risk of failing to provide accessible Web sites?." I 
do not understand what this exactly meeans.

[End of comments]
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